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The Field Guide to the Sedges of the Pacific Northwest covers all 163 species, subspecies, and varieties of the genera Carex and Kobresia that occur in Oregon and Washington. An identification key tailored to the variation seen in PNW sedges permits accurate identification. taxon gets a two-page spread, a page of photographs facing a page of text. The book has over 650, additional drawings. Range maps for each species incorporate the most recent distribution gathered from herbarium records and over a decade of field inventories conducted by the authors. book includes information on sedge morphology, ecology, habitats, management and restoration, ethnobotany.

Carex is the largest genus of plants in this region and sedges are important, often dominant members of many wetland and riparian plant communities. They can be challenging to identify, with differences between species based on tiny characters. This guide helps the reader recognize and use these characters to identify the sedges they encounter in the diverse habitats of the Pacific Northwest. It is a valuable resource for land managers, public and private biologists, wetland regulators and consultants, and amateur plant enthusiasts.