[Picture of <em>Carex harfordii-subbracteata</em>]

Carex harfordii-subbracteata (March 4, 2009)

Carex harfordii is no longer considered part of Oregon's flora. Peter Zika and Carex Working Group members reexamined the one Oregon specimen, collected by Zika near a cranberry bog in Coos County, Oregon. They re-identified it as C. subbracteata. Some of the inflorescences were very similar to those Zika collected in Northwest Washington (http://www.carexworkinggroup.com/pages/june2008.html). Interestingly, other culms in this one plant bore elongated inflorescences with the spikes well separated (see photo at left). If these had been the only inflorescences available, the plant might well have been identified as C. gracilior, a California endemic.

The "C. harfordii" photographs used in the Field guide to the Sedges of the Pacific Northwest are all from Zika's Oregon specimen. Therefore, they all depict C. subbracteata. For other changes in the Field Guide, see ___________________.